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following the day to day life of an extremely socially awkward worry wort named, Solar hope, and the mysterious pony, Sunny Dreams, who claims she used to be human.

Why don't you join them in their misadventures? after all tales like theirs are far better with company.


Only picture I managed to get of my butt and I together. He has a better one on his phone.
We said goodbye for now today and he is currently on his way back home ass am I. Its been a long day already and its only 7:30 in the morning.

a picture picture of me and my sweetie from my trip ^^… i miss her butt already D:

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love her miss you planes are beeping terryfying

yes she is a new character actually ^^ still thinking of a name but she isnt a character from sunny and solars world :P

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i redid the fox picture i posted earlier ^^

i liked it enough that i wanted to turn it into a print but there was several glaring flaws so i redid the whole thing and this in how it turned out, i am really happy with it now.

top pic is the new one

bottom pic is the old one

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i am back from canada :D planes are ##$#%@$# terryfying

next time I’m defiantly driving next time i go to see my sweetie, its only a 16 hour drive :D but a lot lot lot cheaper ><. also Canada was neat :O of course i live in rural NC so any new place is neat XD

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i drew a fox with a scarf :O

isnt she pretty

that is all




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about the lack of updates to ask sunny and solar

i’m taking a break to refine my art skills some, and researching and trying out some new things with web comics to fix some of the issues ive been having. so hopefully it wont be on hiatus for two long and i will post my art here for now just so this blog isnt dead.

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asksunnyandsolar Whispered:
another another :D have youve ever made art you were so bad you would never in a 100 years let anyone see it and what was it.







oh gawd, are you sure.

okay fine


i swear to god, this was my legitimate first post on ask firefly

i know, just, just i’m sorry. i don’t really have any excuses for this 

O.O the look on her face is horrifying, reminds me of one of those creepy porcelain dolls… well if it makes you feel any better here is my first post


hey guys!! reblog this post with the first post of your ask blog (that first one’s mine btw DX) just to show how far we have gone and give some hope to those new artists X3

MY first drawing of my first  blogimage


o god! this is my first OC i ever made, the blog is canceled unfortunately, but this is when i first started drawing.(1 year ago)

OMG XD i cant believe i saw this floating around on tumblr again.
 i still cant believe this stupid i helped get started got this many notes XD

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FINALLY. DONE. And it came out slanted but I’m too lazy to fix it -_- Anyway thanks so much for 323 followers!!! I planned on adding a lot more ponies but that ended up not being realistic >.> 


congrats on 323 followers and i wish you many more :D

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trying out new styles :O how do you all like it? any feed back is apreciated

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mommy cat is pissed D: is clawing at my door and meowing like crazy

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