ever has open commisions :O so i commandeth you to commission her…. pretty wease :D

i just rebloged examples of her work and commission prices :O she is an amazing artist folks and is worth every cent :O so go give this amazing girl who i’m lucky enough to call my girlfriend some some love and order something from her, after all you dont want her to have to go without pizza do you D: DO YOU???


the full images of my Commission Examples :3

:O full scale examples of her work, Flumpy needs money for pizza, dont let my flumpy go without pizza


Full Images used can be found here


but seriously, i am.

why?? cause my lovely boss decided to cut back my hours instead of giving me more, and now i can’t pay rent, eat, save for school, or save for a vacation D:

so please give me a hand and buy a commission :3

There are 5 spots available at the moment.


  • Messages me on here or Email me at everwednesdaydesigns@gmail.com (preferably on here) with request and with reference of character(s) and a description of what you would like.
  • you must pay in full before I start your piece
  • Do not claim that work is yours or remove signature
  • i will not do: NSFW of any kind!

Would love to do business with you :D

More commission options to come!! (if this goes well….)

you all shall commission this awesome and beautiful girl or solar will flood your house with friendship cheese D: DOOOOOOO ITTTTTT 

D: you all made solar cry you should be ashamed of yourself’s he is a really sensitive pony :P

and sorry about the lack of updates hopefully i can get them out a little quicker now ><

O.O holy beep! i just looked at my followers and realized i have hit 500! :D

but i wont be holding a contest this time :p sorry guys but i barely have enough time right now to work on the updates. but by 600 hundred followers hopefully i  will be able to spoil a slect few of you with free artwork

D; sorry for being so inactive lately

between a combination of helping my parents fix stuff around the house since im apparently the only who will do it >< and discovering something called netflix for the first time in my life. seriously guys i havent even had cable for 5 years so all the shows you talk about all the time i am just watching for the first time now, soo ive been a little distracted :O

but fear not the next update should be out tomorrow

and the next update is done :D…. it was just late by almost a week >.< by the way guys, solars dialog wasn’t award was it? well no more awkward than i meant to make it anyway X.X

a base gif test it is a little jerky though X.X

a base gif test it is a little jerky though X.X

ASKsunnyandsolar is now 1 year old WOOOOOOO :O

my first post now says it was posted one year ago, it probaly happened a few days ago X.X.

But I have ran this blog for an entire freaking year! YAY! to having no life :O