D: you all made solar cry you should be ashamed of yourself’s he is a really sensitive pony :P

and sorry about the lack of updates hopefully i can get them out a little quicker now ><

O.O holy beep! i just looked at my followers and realized i have hit 500! :D

but i wont be holding a contest this time :p sorry guys but i barely have enough time right now to work on the updates. but by 600 hundred followers hopefully iĀ  will be able to spoil a slect few of you with free artwork

D; sorry for being so inactive lately

between a combination of helping my parents fix stuff around the house since im apparently the only who will do it >< and discovering something called netflix for the first time in my life. seriously guys i havent even had cable for 5 years so all the shows you talk about all the time i am just watching for the first time now, soo ive been a little distracted :O

but fear not the next update should be out tomorrow

and the next update is done :D…. it was just late by almost a week >.< by the way guys, solars dialog wasn’t award was it? well no more awkward than i meant to make it anyway X.X

a base gif test it is a little jerky though X.X

a base gif test it is a little jerky though X.X

ASKsunnyandsolar is now 1 year old WOOOOOOO :O

my first post now says it was posted one year ago, it probaly happened a few days ago X.X.

But I have ran this blog for an entire freaking year! YAY! to having no life :O

mod: yep someone asked about the cow XD i was actually surprised, and it looks like sunny has a head wound…. and soulsong has an everything wound o.O

featuring firefly and soulsong from http://ask—firefly.tumblr.com/

Mod:and sunny has finally made her appearance welp i hope that wasn’t to over the top X.X, think the logo at the end was a bit much? :P


Mod: it is time to get this party started :D the next update will be awesome i promise you that.